Gerry Anderson's classic Captain Scarlet was remade in 2005 as a cutting edge CGI revival. The famous Spectrum vehicles were given a more modern look and renamed, giving Corgi an opportunity to produce some excellently detailed models.

The world had changed a lot since the original series was made. Lieutenant Green was now a woman, working with Colonel White, in control of all the operational activities on Spectrum. All the other favourites stayed the same: Captain Blue, Captain Black and of course Destiny and her glamourous Angels.

The updates in the show's hardware resulted in the Interceptor becoming `White Falcon', the Spectrum Saloon Car became the Cheetah while the good old SPV was modernised as the `Rhino'.

Corgi 1/50 Spectrum Saloon Car from Captain Scarlet CC96307
Available from shops: Bristol: 2, Cardiff: 2, Coventry: 9+, Gloucester: 4, Plymouth: 1, Stroud: 3
(Product Ref #102345)
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