Wiring for layouts and electrical components can be found in the electrical section of our tools and hardware range.

Please note that these automation and high-frequency accessories are designed for use with DC control systems only. These devices are not for use with DCC systems.

A useful box pack containing a motor and gearbox assembly with a 9 piece gear set, control switch and wiring, steel wire and brass tube.
This set of components can be used for a multitude of purposes providing movement and animation to otherwise static features. The card wrapper provides a step-by-step guide to building the unit as a slow-action point motor as one suggestion and a useful assembly primer.

Ideal for operating items such as points, semaphore signals, water mills and level crossing gates in slow motion on Model Railways - or anything else your imagination and ingenuity allows. A great introduction to creating animated models!
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(Product Ref #90196)

A time controlled unit which can be used with any controller and stops a locomotive at a point on a line, reverses it and then stops it again at a second point, reversing the locomotive again. This repeats indefinitely. The duration of each sequence can be adjusted from approx 20-70 seconds.
Input: 16v A.C. at a maximum of 1.25 amps Requires T1, M1 Transformer
Measurements: 109mm x 68mm x 20mm

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(Product Ref #42012)

A small unit providing an automatic stop and start facility which only requires one reed switch to be installed.
The locomotive decelerates for about 5 seconds after passing factory set. The time stopped can be adjusted from approx 20-70 seconds, the rate of deceleration is also adjustable.
Reed switch and magnet are included.
Input: 16v A.C. at a maximum of 1.25 amps Requires T1, M1 Transformer
Measurements: 109mm x 68mm x 20mm

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(Product Ref #45362)
Gaugemaster GMC-BPPM20 Surface Mount Point Motors Pack of 5
Pack of 5 general purpose surface mount point motors.suitable for leading UK brands of track.
Supplied complete with wiring harnesses with reversable connectors and fixing screws.
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(Product Ref #77805)
Gaugemaster Model 100 - Panel Mounted Single Track Controller 100
Single Track Panel Mount Controller for small gauges up to ‘OO’ . Input: 1 x 16v A.C. at 1.25 amps Requires T1, M1  transformer 
Output: 1 x 12v D.C. at 1 amp controlled
Measurements: Panel: 70mm x 105mm x 28mm deep
Aperture: 43mm x 83mm x 25mm deep.
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(Product Ref #24099)
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