When you're new to the hobby it's worth contacting a local flying club to get help and hands on advice with flying a model. A full list of national flying sites and aircraft clubs can be found at www.bmfa.org .

Powered flight is usually noisy and exciting so care must be taken to avoid annoying, or even worse, colliding with third parties. Some instruction will be necessary as it is all too easy to crash! Remember that warranties are restricted to repair/replacement of faulty items and crash damage is excluded.

Welcome to the world of full blown internal combustion engine powered models, using glow fuel.
Power models usually have three functions, throttle, rudder and elevator as the simplest configuration, although provided the operator is using the services of an instructor, there is no reason why a trainer should not have aileron control as well. The typical powered trainer will be high winged, with sufficient stability to allow the model to fly 'hands-off' while the flyer thinks about what to do. Most models require some degree of building and trimming, a task made much easier by taking advice.
Flying RC aircraft as a hobby has been growing worldwide with the advent of more efficient power; electric, miniature internal combustion or even jet engines, plus lighter and more powerful batteries and less expensive radio systems.

A wide variety of models and styles are available. We also supply radio controlled aircraft simulators, so you can hone skills before attempting a first flight or to practice aerobatics without risk of damaging the aircraft.

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