MRP £18.99
Website: 9+
Available: Bristol: 2, Cardiff: 1, Gloucester: 3, Plymouth: 2, Stroud: 2
(Product Ref #62167)
The Vanguards diecast collection centres around classic British vehicles through the last five decades. Now produced by Corgi the finish on each model is an accurate representation of the original car. With a deep paint luster, and fine details such as wing mirrors and door handles, these models are a pleasing addition to any classic car collector.

An excellent model of the Series II Land Rover that made it's appearance in 1958 and was available in two different wheelbases and a range of different body styles. Corgi have already produced three other models from Cullimore's extensive fleet that was distinguished by the naming of each vehicle individually after a character to be found in Dicken's novels. The Series II production continued essentially unaltered until 1971.


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