Accessories and Replacement Parts for the Firebird range.
Take a spare charged battery for your Firebird ready for the next flight.
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(Product Ref #44522)
Replacement Firebird II ST canopy cover with latch.
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(Product Ref #50362)
Battery canopy cover with latch for Aerobird Challenger, Firebird and Fighterbird aircraft
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(Product Ref #44660)

Replacement rubber nose cover for Firebird Commander 2 aircraft.

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(Product Ref #54158)
Replacement tail for Firebird Outlaw, supplied with accessory pack.
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(Product Ref #34435)
Replacement tail V brace unit fits the Firebird Outlaw and Scout aircraft.
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(Product Ref #53495)
Replacement propeller for the Firebird Scout ARTF aircraft.
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(Product Ref #53448)
A replacement canopy cover for the Firebird Scout supplied with latch and fixing screw.
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(Product Ref #53573)
Replacement wing for Firebird II ST.
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(Product Ref #46885)

Streamer bombs can be dropped by the aerial drop module. This can be fitted to X-port equiped aircraft, Aerobird Xtreme, Aerobird Challenger, Firebird Commander and Fighterbird.

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(Product Ref #53510)
Canopy cover for Firebird Freedom aircraft supplied with fixing hardware.
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Available from shops: Gloucester: 1
(Product Ref #64842)

Replacement black nose piece for Firebird Freedom.

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(Product Ref #64843)
Spare tail V brace fixture for Firebird Freedom. This part is also supplied with replacement tail accessory packs.
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(Product Ref #64844)
Wing hold-down bars for Hobbyzone Super Cub aircraft.
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(Product Ref #85130)
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