Themed train packs by Bachmann and Hornby contain a locomotive and train replicating famous trains and historical events.
The train pack provides a complete branch line train or a shortened version of mainline expresses suitable for modest sized layouts.

Unlike a train set no track is supplied, making these packs an ideal way to quickly add a new and prototypical train to your collection. We offer a track and controller bundle to create your own 'train set' with one of these train packs.

Bachmann OO 25th Anniversary Train Pack 25-2014
2014 sees the 25th anniversary of Bachmann Europe Plc. To mark this event special anniversary train packs will be produced for both Bachmann Branchline OO and Graham Farish N.

The 25th anniversary packs in both OO and N will feature two locomotives, one BR ex-LMS Stanier Jubilee class 4-6-0 in BR lined green and one BR class 47 diesel locomotive in the 1977 Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee livery with the union flag applied full-height on the bodyside.

  • Wooden case presentation box with Silver Anniversary logo and Silver effect rather than brass
  • Numbered certificate
  • BR Green Late Crest Jubilee locomotive
  • BR Blue Class 47 locomotive "Union Jack" livery

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    Bachmann 30-325 WW1 Ambulance Train train pack with GWR City class locomotive 3711 City of Birmingham.

    This special certificated train pack commemorates the 100th anniversary of the start of World War One. Throughout the war, railway companies converted existing stock into sophisticated travelling hospitals. The carriages of these trains were painted with red crosses, indicating their humanitarian role, to prevent enemy attack. The ambulance trains were used at home and abroad for the repatriation of wounded British soldiers. No. 40 was built by the Midland Railway. Many trains also conveyed cars equiped to provide more extensive hospital facilities for the period, including operating theatres for emergency operarions.

    The train pack contains
    GWR City class 4-4-0 locomotive 3711 City of Birmingham painted in the khaki livery applied to many locomotives under the control of the War Department.
    Three Midland Railway coaches painted in Green as adapted for ambulance train operations and carrying red cross markings.
    A pack of six WW1 medical staff and wounded soldier figures.

    Unlike train sets, these packs do not feature track. 
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    Bachmann Branchline OO 30-425 Midland Pullman Train Pack
    A collectors presentation-boxed edition of the Bachmann OO Midland Pullman 'Blue Pullman' 6 car train.

    This release of the award winning Blue Pullman model will come in a special presentation box with many special extras to make this a real collectors item.

    • 6-Car Blue Pullman 'Midland Pullman' train
    • A Print of the special box artwork, which reflects the railway advertising artwork style
    • A pack of stewards and train crew figures
    • Reproduction menu card
    • A first edition copy of the latest Blue Pullman book by Kevin Robertson.

    DCC Ready. Note that 2 21-pin decoders are required for DCC operation, one for each power car.

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    Bachmann Branchline OO Gauge 30-430 Capital Commuter Network South East 30th Anniversary Collectors Edition Train Pack
    The Southerns' third rail electric system is closely associated with London and the busy flow of cummuter trains, making one of the BR Southern region 2-EBP 2-car electric multiple units a good choice for this train pack. Painted in the Network SouthEast livery the train is packaged in a collectors presentation box to commemorate 30 years since the launch of 'Network SouthEast' as a brand name for rail services around London, the south east and home counties.
    The new name came with a fresh image, stations were given new paint with bright platform canopy posts and seat, while the trains received light blue with white, red and grey stipes running the length of each coach or unit, sweeping upwards to the roofline at the cab ends.
    Please Note : Train Packs do NOT include track.
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    Bachmann OO Shakespeare Express Train Pack 30-525
    This gift pack is based on the heritage steam hauled service between Birmingham Moor Street and Stratford-upon-Avon via the North Warwickshire line. Passengers can enjoy a true mainline steam express experience on sections of the former GWR London to Birmingham and Birmingham to Cheltenham routes hauled by one of the locomotives based at Tyseley shed.

    The pack includes
  • A model of Tyseley-based GWR Hall 4965 Rood Ashton Hall
  • A train of two Mk.1 Pullman coaches plus a brake coach
  • A model of a Stratford Upon Avon open top tour bus, commissioned from EFE to complement this pack.
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    Bachmann OO The Railway Children Train Pack 30-575

    This collectable gift pack will delight fans young and old, of the popular childrens' film. Based on the novel of the same name by E. Nesbit.
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    Barry J. Freeman set the date of this striking picture in 1957 during the days when the Western Region went through a period of creating named trains and there coaches were once more painted in the chocolate and cream colours of the old GWR. 7036 Taunton Castle was chosen as it was one of the last Castles built (August 1950) and complemented the train perfectly.

    Train pack contains: "A Date with the Duchy" print, numbered limited edition certificate, BR Castle Class Taunton Castle, two BR Mk1. Composite coaches, BR Mk1 Brake coach.

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    ‘Going Home’ - 1945-2015: 70th Anniversary of the end of the Second World War Train Pack - Limited Edition - R3299

    After almost 6 years of fighting in Europe, Africa plus the Middle and Far East the British Ser vice personnel who made up the British Army, Royal Navy and Air Force started their final journey home once peace had been declared. During this time the trains in Britain were full to capacity with these victorious warriors all anxious to get home to their loved ones and to once more resume their life as it had been prior to War being declared.

    This limited edition train pack is in celebration of those days after the end of the Second Word War when Britain’s brave men and women were just anxious to be ‘Going Home’.


  • LMS 'Black Five' class 5MT 4-6-0 locomotive 5156 'Ayrshire Yeomanry'
  • 2 LMS corridor third class passenger coaches
  • 1 LMS corridor brake third class passenger coach

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    Hornby OO Return from Dunkirk Train Pack - Limited Edition R3302
    1940: Return from Dunkirk Train Pack - Limited Edition - R3302

    In late May & early June 1940 a miracle occurred at Dunkirk, a town situated on the coast of Northern France when over 300,000 British and Allied service personnel were snatched from the beaches by an armada of ships of all different shapes and sizes. Once the troops arrived back in England, many at Ramsgate, Kent they were placed on hastily rostered trains and transferred to various bases around Britain.

    This limited edition train pack features a Southern Railway Drummond 700 locomotive and three Maunsell coaches representing Coach Set 447 with all models represented in the livery of the period.


  • Southern Railway Drummond 700 class 0-6-0 locomotive 325
  • 2 Maunsell design corridor brake third class coaches
  • 1 Maunsell design corridor composite coach
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    Hornby Railways OO Gauge R3398 Lyme Regis Branch Line Limited Edition Train Pack

    A limited edition train pack featuring the new Hornby model of the LSWR Adams Radial 4-4-2 tank engine finished as 30583 while fitted with one of the newer Drummond boilers and two of the new Maunsell rebuild non-corridor coaches, representing the trains  running on the Lyme Regis branch until the early 1960s.
    Limited edition of 1000
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    (Product Ref #36621)

    Hornby Railways OO Gauge R3399 EWS Freight Limited Edition Train Pack
    Limited edition of 1000

    2016 marks the 20th anniversary of the formation of one of the United Kingdom’s most distinctive Railway Operating Companies, English Welsh & Scottish Railway Ltd, or EWS as it was more commonly known.The merger of Rail Express Systems, Loadhaul, Mainline Freight and Transrail Freight into North and South Railways during March 1996 was followed, on April 25th, by the unveiling of the EWS brand, but it was not until October 1996 that the English Welsh & Scottish Railway Ltd was formed.

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    Hornby Railways OO Gauge R3400 Golden Arrow Last Steam Run Limited Edition Train Pack
    Limited edition of 1000
    The height of luxury train travel was exemplified by the distinctive chocolate and cream liveried Pullman carriages; named first class lounge cars, with a steward service, that were operated by the British Pullman Car Company.
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    Hornby Railways OO Gauge R3401 The Bristolian Limited Edition Train Pack

    Limited edition of 1000 sets containing GWR King 4-6-0 6009 & 3 Collett Coaches

    To mark the centenary of the opening, in 1835, of the Great Western main line between Paddington and Bristol, the GWR’s management decided to create a new express service linking London and Bristol. With a schedule of 105 minutes in each direction, the service was 15 minutes faster than the previous best and with slight variations over the years, it stayed that way until the introduction of HST services to the route.

    The non-stop service was normally comprised of seven coaches, initially being Collet Bow-Ended stock, comprising two third class brakes, three composites, a third and, in the centre, a buffet car. The first months of the service saw it being hauled by a ‘King’ class locomotive but it soon became apparent that a ‘Castle’ class was more than capable of the task, it was to be 1954 before the ‘Kings’ returned to the service.

    Departure from Paddington was at 10:00am, with Bristol being reached at 11:45am and the return leg commenced at 4:30pm, arriving back at Paddington for 6:15pm, the average speed being just over 67mph for the two legs of the journey. Whilst ‘Bristolian’ roof boards were fitted from the outset, a headboard did not feature until 1953.

    Hornby’s new pack for the ‘Bristolian’ contains GWR ‘King’ 6009 King Charles II with ‘shirtbutton’ logos, together with a trio of the new Collett bow-ended carriages. The carriages will be left-hand Brake Corridor Third 5108, right-hand Brake Corridor Third 5107 and left-hand Corridor Composite 6160. All three will be turned out in GWR chocolate and cream livery with ‘Bristolian’ roof boards fitted.


    • King Charles II Locomotive '6009'
    • Collett Coach LH BTK '5108'
    • Collett Coach RH BTK '5107'
    • Collett Coach LH CK '6160'
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    Hornby OO Virgin East Coast limited Edition Train Pack R3501
    Hornby Railways OO Gauge R3501 Virgin East Coast Limited Edition Train Pack
    Limited edition of 1000
    On March 1, 2015, Virgin Trains East Coast (VTEC) took over the East Coast Mainline franchise from state-owned Directly Operated Railways’ (DOR) East Coast Trains. Although 90% owned by Stagecoach, the higher profile branding of 10% owners Virgin was chosen for the new fleet’s livery and on March 2nd a press launch was held at King’s Cross station, where Class 91 No.91124 and DVT No.82219, along with a full Mk 4 rake, were unveiled in the new VTEC livery.
    Train pack features one of the East Coast route class 91 Electra locomotives plus a driving van trailer coach both in the new Virgin East Coast livery.
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    Hornby Railways OO Gauge R3220 Tyseley Connection Pitchford Hall Train Pack
    Tyseley Locomotive Works was established to preserve and demonstrate the steam locomotives in the Tyseley Connection and to operate them on the National Railway network. The Tyseley Locomotive Works site was formerly known as Birmingham Railway Museum. Tyseley Locomotive Works and now has a well equipped workshop, which restores, maintains and services steam (plus heritage diesel & electric) locomotives and coaches to Network Rail standards. An annual programme of steam railtours is operated using the Tysley based fleet.

    Locomotives and other rolling stock are restored, maintained and serviced on the site maintaining the heritage of the former Great Western locomotive Tyseley steam depot & works. ‘Pitchford Hall’ was one such locomotive that benefitted from the Tyseley Connection and is the subject of this 1,000 Limited Edition train pack.

  • GWR Hall class 4-6-0 4953 Pitchford Hall
  • 2 British Railways Mk.1 corridor composite passenger coaches in chocolate and cream livery
  • 1 British Railways Mk.1 corridor second class brake coach in chocolate and cream livery
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    Hornby Railways OO Gauge R3397 LMS Suburban Limited Edition Train Pack
    Limited edition of 1000

    Away from the perceived glamour of the mainline, the real work of the railways took place on a myriad of suburban lines across the country, especially in the great conurbations of the Midlands. The main requirement for a locomotive working suburban services was to have quick acceleration, efficient braking and good tractive ability, the latter being especially useful when pulling heavy carriages, full of commuters.
    Fowler’s 4P 2-6-4T engine was ideally suited to this task, mainly being used on longer distance commuter trains from stations in the big cities of England, as well as being used to bank heavy passenger and goods trains on the West Coast Main Line. Typically hauling sets of Stanier’s 57’ non-corridor suburban stock, thousands of commuters spent their working week travelling back and forth from the cities behind these engines.

    This train pack recreates a typical suburban working, with Fowler 4P No. 2238 in LMS lined black and two Stanier 57’ non-corridor Brake Third coaches 20768 and 20769, with Composite 16592, in LMS lined maroon livery.

    MRP £278.99you save £41.85
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