N gauge Passenger Coaches from the Dapol and Graham Farish ranges.

Mk3 Restaurant Buffet coach in Virgin Trains livery.
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BR BG guard/parcels van, rebuilt with roller shutter doors in Rail Express System red and black livery.
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BR BG guard/parcels van, rebuilt with roller shutter doors in Rail Express System red and black livery.
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Graham Farish N 374-992 Mk1 Coach Pack Hunslet-Barclay Weed Killing Train

A pair of BR Mk.1 coaches painted in the livery applied to the weed killing train which operated between Hunslet-Barclay class 20 locomotives, 371-035 and along with water tank wagons 373-786.

The weed killing train maintained a regular 'patrol' of the national rail network applying a sprayed herbicide weed killer to the track to keep weeds and other plants out of the ballast. The coaches conveyed spraying aparatus designed to provide a controlled flow and spread of weed killer. Operators inside the coaches regulated the mixture and activated the spray heads needed to deliver the herbicide to the ballast shoulders and cess (where track workers need to walk and stand to keep clear of passing trains) and to cover a parallel track where needed.
The train was usually formed with a locomotive, cab outermost, at each end of the train so it could be driven easily in either direction.
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The Mk.3 DVT, Driving Van Trailer, was produced to allow shuttle type train working to be introduced on the West Coast mainline in the 1990s. The coach was equiped with a drivers cab to allow the driver to control a powerful electric locomotive at the rear of the train. This allows a train to be driven in either direction without needing to reposition the locomotive.

Model painted in BR InterCity livery,

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Bachmann Graham Farish N gauge 374-191 BSK brake corridor coach painted in engineering yellow livery.

Graham Farish are producing several coaches in engineering yellow livery, representing the many Mk.1 coaches converted for engineering service. This coach is lettered for carrying rerailing equipment, comsisiting of railing frogs, jacks and timber packing used to quickly rerail locos, coaches and wagons involved in simple, low-speed derailments. The former passenger compartments provided accomodation for the breakdown crew.

Eras 7-8

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New model announced 2013.
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New and detailed models of the BR air conditioned express passenger stock built from the early 1970s. BR was one of the first European railways to offer air conditioned accomodation as standard on principal services.

These models are of the Mk.2F coaches, the last of the Mk.2 series build (1973-1975) and almost identical to preceeding Mk.2E coaches (1972-73 build), the design changes relating primarily to the air conditioning plant. These two builds formed the backbone of the InterCity locomotive-hauled coach fleet during the 1970s and 80s.

This model of the first class buffet coach recreates a coach converted in the late 1980s to replace the Mk.1 buffet cars and still in service. Painted in the BR corporate blue and grey livery.
Era 9 1995 onwards.

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