Expo 4 Piece Basic Model Makers Tool Set 73520
An excellent set of the basic tools required for modelling projects containing quality tools from the Expo range.
Set includes a No.1 craft knife with metal collet, side cutter ideal for spure cutting, a 3-inch flat file for de-burring parts and tweezers for handling small parts.
Website: 4
Available from shops: Cardiff: 2, Gloucester: 2, Plymouth: 4
(Product Ref #82681)
Available from shops: Cardiff: 2
(Product Ref #54206)
Revell Model Set Plus Tool Set 29619
Sprue cutter, File, Hobby Knife, Tweezer
Website: 2
Available from shops: Bristol: 1, Coventry: 1, Gloucester: 1, Plymouth: 2, Stroud: 2
(Product Ref #23376)
Expo Basic Precision 14 Piece Knife Set 73510
Basic knife set containing one each of Nos.1, 2 and 5 handles plus one of each blade type.
This is ideal for use on the desk as the knifes and blades are held safely inside the box and�as an easily transportable knife set to carry in your toolbox.
Available from shops: Bristol: 1, Coventry: 2
(Product Ref #47082)
Expo 17 Piece Basic Hobby Craft Tool Set 73514
17-piece craft tool set comprising
No.1 knife handle with several blades
No.5 knife and razor saw handle with several blades
2 pairs of tweezers
1 razor saw blade
1 block plane
1 jewellers screwdriver
Website: 1
Available from shops: Bristol: 1, Stroud: 1
(Product Ref #3614)
Expo Standard Hobby Craft Tool Set 73515
The 23 tools contained in this great value set are ideal for modellers. With all three sizes of Expo odel knife handle, a superb range of blades, tweezers, and even a spoke shave!
Available from shops: Bristol: 1, Coventry: 1, Stroud: 1
(Product Ref #3615)
Expo Deluxe Knife and Mitre Box Tool set 73516
735-16 30pc Deluxe Craft
Tool Set in case.
Set Contents : 1 x 73540 no.5 knife, 1 x 73541 no.2 knife, 1 x 73542 no.1 knife, 1 x 76090 mitre box, 1 x 73547 razor saw blade,
4 x different woodworking gouges, 1 x 73556 T26, 2 x 73555 T24, 2 x 73550 T2, 2 x 73553 T19, 2 x 73574 T17, 2 x 73770 T10,
4 x 73571 T11, 2 x 73573 T16, 1 x sanding block, 1 x pair of tweezers and 1 x jewellers scribe.
Website: 1
Available from shops: Bristol: 1
(Product Ref #52046)
Shesto ModelCraft 12 Piece Boat Building Kit PTK1012
Ideal for builders of wooden boat kits, just what you want.
Set Includes: Snipe nose pliers, Flat diamond file. Craft Knife & 5 No.11 blades, Bent nose tweezers. Sanding & finishing block. Swivel top pin vice & small craft hammer.
Website: 5
Available from shops: Bristol: 1, Gloucester: 1, Plymouth: 1, Stroud: 1
(Product Ref #65191)
Humbrol Medium Tool Set AG9159
The Kit Modellers Tool Set is specifically designed for the Airfix and plastic kit modeller - sprue clippers, tweezers,  files, screw dirver, knife and much more; all designed for making the perfect model
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(Product Ref #85296)
Tamiya RC Radio Control Tool Set 74085
Available from shops: Gloucester: 3
(Product Ref #99008)
739-20 Spectacle Repair Set.
Contents: 1 x
2 Nose pads, 4
screws and 2
hinge tighteners
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(Product Ref #43622)
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