Some unique models built by and for ship enthusiasts!

A unique and stunning hand carved and painted mahogany model of the current HMS Ocean. 1/200 scale produces a very impressive model that is 40" (101.6 cm) long x 7.25" ( 18.4 cm)  x 9.5" (24 cm) high. A full deck cargo is provided, comprising

          2X WESTLAND SEA KING 1/200 3.28""

·         4X WESTLAND LYNX 1/200  2.34""

·         2X AGUSTA WESTLAND AW159 WILDCAT 1/200 2.65""

·         4X MERLIN  1/200 3.84""

·         4X BOEING CHINOOK  1/200 3.12""

·         2X WESTLAND APACHE 1/200 2.94""


Ocean has a wooden case for transportation and being solid wood is very sturdy and of lovely quality. A snip at this price and you won't find another one.

HMS Ocean was completed in 1998 and designed to carry 12 Sea King and 6 Lynx helicopters, now upgraded to later aircraft such as the Apache attack helicopter.

Price shown includes UK Vat @ 20% - carriage paid within UK - Vat may be deductible for overseas customers.

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Attractive wooden hand built wooden scale model of the battle cruiser HMS Lion, that was the lead ship of the class of the same name, as in service in 1917. Perspex display case with a polished wood base included. A completely unique item hand with a nice period look about it that was made by a Stroud modeller about 25 years ago. 

Lion was knocked around at Jutland, surviving after the flooding of one of her main magazines.

Model length 31 1/4", beam 4", height 11"  (79.5cm x 10cm x 28cm) Note that the display case is a few inches larger all round.




MRP £499.00you save £100.00
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A unique wooden hand built model of HMS Glorious as initially constructed as a fast lightly armoured battle cruiser and before conversion to an aircraft carrier. Armed with 4 x 15" guns. An individual and interesting model well built  some years ago by a local naval enthusiast.

The glass case is rather heavy and the model is only available to a buyer able to collect. Size of the case 39.5" (100cm) x 7 3/4" (19.5cm) x 11 1/2" (29cm) high.

Mounted on a wooden base and in a glass show case which is included.

Overall length 36", beam 4", height 8 1/2"

MRP £495.00you save £96.00
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Pre-owned rather rare die-cast model of the HMS Warspite in modernised form. The model is in very good condition. A one off!

Photograph courtesy of Wikipedia & Imperial War Museum. Photo of model awaited
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