The models detailed within these pages are generally designed to be flown within a controlled environment Model Aircraft Club. At the very least it's worth contacting you're local flying club when you're new to the hobby, just to get some help and hands on advice with flying you model. A full list of national flying sites and aircraft clubs can be found at

Radio controlled gliders do not typically have any type of propulsion, although some will come with a small electric motor system, which is used to take the model up to a suitable height to start gliding. Because most gliders are non-powered, flight must be sustained through exploitation of the natural lift produced from thermals or wind hitting a slope. Slope soaring is another popular way of providing propulsion to gliders, using the speed of the model to create lift. Either way, with no need to recharge batteries, with the right conditions you can be flying all day. This style of model aircraft flying can be a very sedate form of flying, a great Sunday afternoon hobby and is true Silent flight.

Flying RC aircraft as a hobby has been growing worldwide with the advent of more efficient power; electric, miniature internal combustion or even jet engines, plus lighter and more powerful batteries and less expensive radio systems. A wide variety of models and styles are available. We also supply radio controlled aircraft simulators, so you can hone your skills before attempting a first flight or to practice aerobatics without risk of damaging the aircraft.

We really recommend this for great aerobatic flying. It's hand launched so requires a good slope and a breeze!

The JP-Si flying wing, originally called Zagi, is a very easy to build having a simple and durable EPP foam construction with tape covering. The result is a very sturdy construction that bounces well if it's piled into the ground. Fortunately it is also easy to repair. Some flying skills are necessary and it's excellent for the expert flyer looking for fun.

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(Product Ref #5897)

The ultimate 480 powered electric wing! Faster than a speeding bullet but easy flying for all pilots, and the EPP foam construction makes for a truly forgiving machine. A JP 480 motor is included, but for awesome performance experienced modellers, may consider converting to a brushless motor. The propellor and one roll of covering tape is also included. Using a Li-Poly battery, up to 30 minutes flying can be achieve with stunning performance.

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(Product Ref #25548)

The Blaze is set to re-define your concept of foam gliders. This is a model that is all about performance, with great penetration, high speed and full aerobatics as the repertoire, the Blaze is guaranteed to put a smile on your face

When you do go flying, the Blaze will blow your mind! Even at relatively slow speeds, she is pretty efficient and pure gliding performance is very impressive. Like all hotliner type gliders, she will stall, but it is predictable. Loops can be tight or wide, rolls can be fast or slow, it's entirely up to you.

Wingspan 1560mm (61.4in). Length 1010mm (39 3/4in). Weight 900g.

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(Product Ref #84615)
The classic Slingsby Swallow was the basis for this attractive semi-scale
design, and it's lost nothing of its charms over the years. Although primarily a
free-flight design, the Swallow lends itself to 'Micro R/C' conversion.
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(Product Ref #30848)
West Wings Skylark Glider Kit 3Ch Slope Soarer 72" Wingspan WW34
A nice kit based on the Slingsby Skylark 1 designed for micro radio gear on a 3 channel basis.
Most parts are pre-cut for simple assembly speeding up construction.
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(Product Ref #56196)
West Wings Aurora Glider Balsa Wood Kit For Radio Control WW36
Simple to build and designed for standard radio equipment the Aurora is the perfect first glider kit.Kit contains computer cut components for quick, accurate construction.
Kit contains: CNC-cut balsa and ply parts, plus all other wood required to build the model. Full-size plans and instructions. Horns, clevises, snakes, wing bands.
Additional items required: 2 channel radio, covering material, glue.Wingspan: 1595mm (62.5")
Recommended for 14 years upwards.
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(Product Ref #88255)

Taking all the great design features of the bigger version, the Sky Surfer 1400 retains the great stability that makes it a firm favourite for sport flying and FPV (First Pilot View) usage. This is a four channel model featuring rudder, elevator, ailerons and ESC motor control. The model can be used as a first trainer thanks to its forgiving nature and stability, it’s also super durable due to the EPOFLEXY material it’s made from.

So for fun or film this model will deliver the goods time and time again!

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(Product Ref #94407)

A semi-scale model of one of the most beautiful sailplanes flying in the world today. This model is fully moulded in crash resistant EPO foam which can be repaired using normal Cyano adhesive. Even the characteristic curved wingtips are there and contribute to its amazing low speed performance. This model will stay aloft on the merest whiff of lift and will respond positively to all elevator, aileron and rudder inputs. Climb from the perfectly matched motor and folding propeller is amazing for such a small battery and power on flight times can exceed 15 minutes. Get some lift and it could be way more!

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(Product Ref #77738)
West Wings Orion Balsa Kit WW29
A simple to fly model with superb flying attributes and a truly forgiving nature.What's more, all you need is a simple two channel radio with standard or mini servos to provide the guidance. The wing is amazingly efficient and will maintain lift even at very slow speeds. Very lightweight and easy to fly. This kit comes in conventional form, with full scale plan and CNC cut balsa parts. Limited modelling skills are required for this project.
Wingspan: 1510mm, requires 2 channel 27mhz or 4-6 channel 35Mhz radio
Available from shops: Cardiff: 1
(Product Ref #29094)

Based on the incredibly efficient 'Orion' design yet modified to cater for the increased weight and size of the electric flight pack, the Orion E is a great model to explore low lift conditions without the need to resort to glider launching systems.

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(Product Ref #44495)
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