No smoke units or special effects - this is real Live Steam, brought to you for the first time commercially in 00 gauge by Hornby. Such a revolutionary model has never been seen in so much detail, but thanks to the latest technology from Hornby, these nostalgic memories of real steam engines can be replicated with your own model.

In the locomotive's tender, a small water tank is filled with distilled water, which is then heated by a mini immersion heater located within the tank. A safe, low voltage current is passed along the track by a remote regulator which in turn powers the immersion heater.

After approximately five to ten minutes, the water will be heated sufficiently, and steam will begin to appear from the safety valve located in the locomotive. This will also mean that heated water will be running through the locomotive, ready for it to begin moving.

A few nudges of the speed regulator will send electrical signals, or pulses, to the
locomotive telling it in which direction to go and at what speed. These signals will turn a small motor in the locomotive, which opens the steam valve and releases steam into the locomotive's pistons, turning the wheels.

After a small amount of practice, the operator can achieve in excess of 20 minutes running from one filling of water. The locomotive also produces realistic steam sounds, from the pumping pistons to a real steam whistle, coupled with the unmistakeable and memorable smells of steam and hot engine oil.

Live Steam is only suitable for adult collectors and not for children under 14 years old.

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