SM-32 scale is a popular garden railway scale, allowing the use of both electric and surprisingly powerful live steam locomotives which can be further adapted with radio remote control systems. The name derives from Sixteen Millimetre (to 1 foot scale) on 32mm gauge track, representing the common industrial narrow gauge tracks of 2-feet / 600mm used widely across Europe and in the European colonies.

Pecos' track has been designed with SM-32 operators in mind, the nickel-silver rails resist corrosion, permitting electric power to be supplied while the sleepers are produced from plastics offering good weather and damage resistance properties.

Points are normally obtained to order. Peco can usually supply us within a week, so mail-order delivery can be expected to take 10-14 days.
SL-600 has a track width of 32mm which gives a equivalent real size of 2ft making it popular for those who model narrow gauge.
SM32 Modeling scale is 16mm to the foot.
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Metal rail joiners for Peco code 200 rail, as used with SL-800 Gauge 1 (45mm gauge) and SL-600 SM32 (32mm gauge) track.
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Peco SM32 Medium Radius R/H Turnout SL-E695
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