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The Weston Clevedon & Portishead Railway purchased 2 of the Brighton A1 Terrier locomotives, WC&P No.4 was delivered in the attractive Southern lined green livery. This was enhanced with the WC&PR lettering arranged in an arc on the side tanks applied after arrival at Clevedon.

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The Black Rock Quarries located near Portishead, Somerset was served by sidings from the WC&PR close to the Cadbury Road station. Part of the Roads Reconstruction (1934) group photographs of wagon number 151 after WW2 show usual Roads Reconstruction grey livery with red RR LTD roundels. We have modelled the wagon in a pre-war version of this livery, when the wagon could still have reached the quarries at Portishead.

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Burnham Trading Company 5 Plank Open Wagon
Based in Burnham-on-Sea, the next seaside town down the coast from Weston-Super-Mare, the Burnham Trading Company supplied coal in the North Somerset area. Originally the Burnham Coal Company the change to the name quite possibly reflects diversification into aggregate products and building materials. The few photographs known of the Burnham wagons are all from the WC&P. Loads are possibly coal or aggregates from one of the quarries.
This wagon has been lettered for return to Weston Super Mare WC&PR, a wagon under the control of the companys' depot of agent in Weston.

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Weston Clevedon & Portishead Railway Open Wagon


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The Weston, Clevedon and Portishead Light Railway (WC&PR) was 13.8 mile long, running along the coast between the three North Somerset towns. It opened in 1897 and extended to Portishead in 1907. The company was never a success and passed into the hands of receivers 1909 but continued to run under the control of the receiver and light railway advocate Colonel Holman F Stephens. He was succeeded by his deputy W. H. Austen in 1931. World War 2 saw the end of this impecunious little line with its few remaining assets passing to the GWR and salvaged track used for the war effort.

During the last decade of the lines' existence the principal motive power was two ex-LB&SCR Terrier class 0-6-0 tank engines and a couple of early petrol railcars. The second Terrier, purchased from Southern Railway in 1937, became no. 4 and, in WC&PR livery, is the subject of this exclusive model in Weston, Clevedon & Portishead livery.

The small Dapol Terrier offers the modeller the chance to create a small layout or working diorama based on the light railway, so we are planning a series of commissioned goods wagons from the businesses along the WC&PR. These wagons will be following later and we will open these for ordering once we have set a production date.
Wherever possible will will try to ensure that purchasers of the wagons receive the same numbered certificates as their locomotive.

Further information on the life and times of the Weston Clevedon & Portishead Railway can be found on the WC&P Railway Group website at http://wcprgroup.org.uk/index.html