Oxford Rail OR76DG009 GWR Dean Goods ROD Khaki Brown OO

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The 0-6-0 goods engine was the standard general service goods locomotive across Britains railways from the Victorian era to the end of steam. The 260 William Dean designed 0-6-0 goods engines built from 1883 to 1899 were the first GWR engines of the type with inside frame chassis only and after trials with domeless boilers the characteristic tall domes became standard on these engines. Usually known to GWR enginemen as the 'standard goods' the Dean 0-6-0s remained in service until displaced by new 2MT 2-6-0 engines in the 1950s.
Several Dean goods engines served overseas during the two world wars with examples being sent to France, Salonika and China! The engines were used by both allied and axis forces, plus the Ottoman Railways and in Germany and Austria during reconstruction after the second war.
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