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To maintain a true pocket size booktechnical information which is duplicated or readily available elsewhere (eg. Wikipedia!) is left out, just the key data for locomotive and multiple unit train classes is provided.

The listing of locomotives and unitsdetails ofnumbers, names,owner/operators, shed allocationsand any specific differences between class members. Multiple unit train formations are listed, allowing unit numbers tobe identified from individual car numbers.The small numberoflocomotive hauled passenger coaches and the fleet ofHST coachesare listed with number,allocation andany previous number for vehiclesmodified/rebuilt/renumbered, plusdetail variations from similar vehicles.

The 2019 book has been expanded by 12 pages to accommodate the large number of new EMU trains being delivered for the Great Western electrification, Crossrail and other services being developed which are supplementing rather than replacing existing trains. Many older trains, like the InterCity 125 HST trains, are being redeployed to increase capacity or speed up services on routes currently worked by shorter DMU trains where passenger numbers regularly overwhelm the available seating capacity.

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